HIGH POINT - Dealers seeking to reinvigorate their youth furniture displays are seeing a host of new, design-driven product here with new features and benefits that add value.

Perhaps one of the biggest success stories in youth this market is Najarian's extensive launch of licensed youth brands Paul Frank, Hello Kitty and Barbie, each with about 50 pieces.

Dealers are responding well to each line, including Paul Frank's line of youth bedroom and seating depicting the popular Julius Monkey character, which already is on apparel, backpacks and even cell phone cases, the company said.

Dealers like the whimsical nature of the collection, which features beds with interchangeable color panels, some of which depict the Julius character. Other popular pieces include marshmallow bed benches, a chair and footrest, fully upholstered chairs and other seating.

The Barbie and Hello Kitty collections also feature whimsical pieces designed for young girls, including vanity tables and chalkboards on easels.

The company also says it's receiving strong dealer response to three other new Najarian youth lines, including two girls groups in its Missy Couture collection. These include Impressions, which features a $399 contemporary shelter bed with nailhead trim. Dealers also like the mirror-like acrylic drawer fronts on cases in the same collection.

Some youth bedrooms at market, including some at Magnussen Home and New Classic, tie in with adult bedroom designs. This allows the groups to have a longer shelf life, in effect growing with the child as they enter their teen years.