Najarian Limited Warranty

Our products have been designed to be used and enjoyed. Najarian uses the finest materials and superior workmanship to ensure your new furniture will provide many years of lasting enjoyment. Care and attention has gone into each detail to add beauty, life and comfort to every piece. It has been thoroughly inspected and judged ready for lasting performance. We’re confident in our quality, and we stand behind each piece of furniture we make with our “Limited Warranty.”


1 year Limited Warranty:


We warrant, to the original purchaser, the construction on all case goods and upholstery products to be free from manufacturer’s defects in workmanship for one (1) year under normal household use and service following the date of purchase and delivery to the original customer.  Najarian will pay, within one year from the date of purchase, reasonable and customary labor rates to repair or replace the defective parts and the shipping costs from the retailers and to Najarian Furniture or a repair center designated by Najarian Furniture at no charge to the original retail purchaser.  After one year from the date of purchase, this warranty will cover replacement parts only, based on availability, and the original retail purchaser will be responsible for labor, packing and all shipping and transportation costs.


We warrant, to the original purchaser, our spring construction to be free from defects due to faulty materials, workmanship or breakage caused by metal fatigue or spring clips pulling loose from the frame for one (1) year from the date of purchase under normal household use. 

Seat cushion cores and padding material

Seat cushions, padding and foams will soften, conform to the shape of the user, and experience some discoloration. This is normal and not considered a defect.  Within one (1) year from the date of purchase, Najarian Furniture will replace for the original retail purchaser only, cushion cores or seat pads, provided the original retail purchaser returns the defective cushion core or seat pad to Najarian Furniture.

Upholstered fabric

We warrant to the original purchaser, for one (1) year from the date of purchase, the upholstery fabric, under normal household use against failure as follows:

  1. Yarn slippage at the seams
  2. Shrinkage
  3. Failure of fabric construction
  4. Failure to give normal wear

We also warrant the fabric for one year from the date of purchase against dye transference, provided the fabric has been cleaned using the instructions prescribed in the cleaning code label affixed to the product. (Caution: DO NOT remove covers for cleaning)


This warranty does not cover pilling, crocking, wrinkling or fading of the fabrics, which are considered normal. Claims due to cuts, burns, stains, pet damage, heavy soiling, abuse, improper cleaning and fabrics altered with in-store or in-home chemical “after treatments” are excluded. (Note: Chemical “after-treatments” on fabrics will void this fabric warranty.) Because of differences in dye lots and alterations in color over time, Najarian can not guarantee the exact match of color shades on fabric repair. In the case of a “re-cover” if identical fabric is not available we will provide a selection of comparable fabrics. Najarian reserves the right to inspect all upholstery furniture fabrics when processing claims. 

How to obtain service

Subject to the above limitations, we will repair or replace, at Najarian’s option, any part or parts of the product covered by the warranties which do not perform properly within the applicable warranty period because of defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. All claims under these warranties must be made according to the following procedure: For service under these warranties, you must report the problem within thirty days after discovery of the defect and before the expiration of the warranty period. Report any problems to the retailer where the furniture was originally purchased. The retailer will contact Najarian for service.