Najarian Furniture Company is one of the top brand furniture manufacturers and an 8-generation family-run business based in California with global manufacturing operations specializing in innovative and fashion-forward design. Our product line covers a broad assortment of home furnishings categories including bedroom, dining, living room, occasional tables as well as youth.


Najarian products are distributed nationally to more than half of the Top 100 furniture dealers, as well as to specialty stores and customers in the contract and hospitality markets.


With the support of our retail partners comes the clout to be able to build lasting partnerships with reliable and well-known factories Overseas. As our business has grown, so too has our international presence, and we source dedicated staff that oversee the production process and work with the factories to closely monitor quality as well as ensure timely shipments.


But above all else, our main focus lies in our service to the customer. Our partnerships allow us to gather invaluable feedback at the retail level that enables us to react quickly to develop the right products to satisfy today’s demanding consumer. By constantly researching the marketplace we are able to not only stay ahead of the fashion curve, but influence it as well. As one of the top furniture brands in USA, Our aim is to be leaders not only in design but also in quality, and this is reflected in the details of our products.


We are headquartered in Pasadena, CA, and we own and operate a state-of-the-art warehousing facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA which allows us to stock our entire line of products for quick shipping nationwide. Najarian is your destination if you are looking for furniture direct from manufacturer.

Mission Statement

To bring innovation, quality and tremendous value to the home furnishings marketplace by understanding our customers and their needs and supplying unique and forward-thinking solutions. It is our commitment to our partners which inspires us to continually strive to surpass their expectations though attention to detail, hard work and an eagerness to please which allows us to mutually grown and prosper.

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