Furniture is a vital aspect of your home. So, you need to check furniture ratings before placing an order for thebest quality furniture online. There are some exciting things about furniture which is known to few people. After a home and car, it is the third most expensive thing a person invests in during his or her lifetime. During ancient times, furniture like chairs were considered a luxury item. People from high society used to sit on chairs while less privileged people sat on stools. The oldest known use of chairs are the ones that were used as ceremonial furniture in ancient Egypt 5,000 years ago. Charles Darwin invented the existing form of chairs.

The word ‘chair’ derives its name from the Latin word ‘Cathedra’ which means to ‘’sit & down’’. The average time that people spend on the sofa is 4 hours. Though a chair forms an integral part of our daily life, it finds no mention in the Bible. The costliest chair is valued at $28 million and was owned by the well-known French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.