We have often stuffed our homes with low-cost furniture that meets the budget but not the test of time. As a result, you would have to buy new furniture after every few months or bear repair costs which will soon add up and end up making it an expensive investment.

So, this time, why not buy top quality furniture and save yourself the time and money you waste on buying substandard furniture. Remember that good furniture meets durability and style half way to give you timeless pieces.

That being said, here are some things you need to keep in mind when you are looking for top quality furniture.

Check the composition
When buying furniture, you must first check its composition. Is it made of hardwood or softwood? Are you going to need exposed surfaces? If yes, then you need something scratch resistant. You can test that yourself at the store by drawing a thin line with your fingernails. If it leaves a dent, then it indicates towards poor quality that won’t last you a long time.

Structurally, any hardwood material will do the trick. If you are buying plywood furniture, then look for at least nine layers. Additionally, you should also look for knots, even in unexposed pieces. You can also look for veneer surfaces where the furniture makers use a thin layer of high quality wood on low quality furniture. While this can give your furniture a certain level of durability, but it limits the number of time a piece can be refinished.

Construction quality
Joint construction plays an important role in determining the quality of your furniture. Check the construction quality to ensure that the piece is not held together using nails and staples alone. Same goes for the glue as well. However, if you notice dowels holding the furniture together, then it is a sign of good construction. The best ones are called dovetail, also known as interlocking teeth, or mortise-and-tenon. As a layman, you should look for thin sheets of wood between drawers. The drawers should run smoothly when you pull them in and out. Also check the legs to ensure that they are all touching the floor.

Upholstery composition
If you are buying a sofa or a chair with removable cushions, then unzip the seat cover to see the composition of upholstery inside. A good quality sofa/chair will be made using block of foam wrapped with cotton, dacron, or down. It may also come with an inner cover for a protective layer. You should also inquire about the density rating of the seat foam.

So, next time you are planning to buy top quality furniture for your home, make sure you follow these basic checks to only choose high quality furniture. You will also be able to discuss the technicalities with the salesman, giving them the impression that you know about your furniture. If you are buying online, remember to read the product description carefully.