From cost savings to direct warranties to custom options and everything in between, there are many reasons to buy your furniture direct from manufacturer. This article will look into all these reasons to help you make an informed decision.

Most manufacturers allow clients to buy their furniture straight from the company rather than through a third-party. This is a great thing, especially for buyers who are looking for affordable and unique furniture. If you are only getting started and are weighing your options between buying your furniture from the retails shops or ordering them directly from the manufacturer, then this article will help you understand why the latter is an excellent option for you.

Price advantage

One of the main reasons why buying furniture direct from manufacturer is a great idea is that you get the price advantage. Retailers buy furniture from manufacturers and sell it to consumers at an increased cost to cater to their markup, display, taxes, and profit margins. However, buying directly cuts the middleman from the process, allowing you to enjoy the savings. In most cases, you may end up saving about 10 to 15% more, which is often enough to buy other furniture accessories.

Comprehensive warranty

When you buy your furniture directly from the manufacturer, you are more likely to get a full warranty for the product. This means you won’t have to worry about having faulty furniture replaced. Again, since you are buying directly, you are in a better position to communicate with the manufacturer. So, it’s possible to notify them about any issue that may not be included in the warranty. But the same may not happen when you buy from a retailer. Some retailers task you with contacting the manufacturer for more details regarding the warranty. If you think about it, it’s easier to deal with a manufacturer when you bought the furniture from then in the first place than if you did through a manufacturer.

Customized furniture

Many people assume that you only get cookie-cutter solutions when working with a furniture manufacturer – but that’s never the case. Manufacturers, too, can personalize your order to meet your specific needs and preferences. In fact, manufacturers can help you design something that works for you. And since they have experts and all the resources indoors, you can expect to receive your fully customized order within the shortest time possible. This, coupled with price advantage and comprehensive warranty, and you have the best furniture deal that you could imagine.

Larger stock

Retailers often pick what they think their clients will like. They don’t stock everything that the furniture manufacturer makes. So this means you have a limited option when buying from a retailer. However, when you buy directly, you get the chance to shop for other furniture and accessories that you’d never find in a retail store. A manufacturer will offer more insights into the furniture than any other outlet because they have personally tracked every stage of production.


The benefits of buying furniture directly from the manufacturer are all in your favor. You get to save money and get quality and customized solutions to fit your style and preferences.