Remodeling a room comes with making many big decisions, and while you are looking to purchase some exquisite, new wood furniture, you likely don’t have any clue on what colors go good with brown, even though brown is the primary color of wood and is a common color for tables, desks, and sofas. Brown, however, is a color that comforts home dwellers. When looking at a hardwood floor or sitting in a leather chair, brown helps give off positive feelings of luxury and alleviation.

As you browse contemporary furniture online stores for great furniture, here are some wall color ideas to go with furniture that’s a rich brown color.


Beige is a creamy, light tan color that helps to tie rooms together that age well. Beige is a primary color that makes up timeless style rooms, or rooms that would look good years or even generations ago and still do today. Beige is not far from brown on the color spectrum, and people can argue that beige can make for monochromatic rooms, but it’s still a color that not only is easy on the eyes, but contrasts well with traditional browns. Furthermore, beige is a color that still looks good with warm interior lighting, so yellow lights won’t end up distorting the wall colors, as beige is considered warm, too.


Frankly, any shade of blue looks great with brown furniture, but in order to get a good contrast and keep the room from looking too dark overall, a beige or muted blue will look tremendous in the room. If you are looking to combine blue with brown to create a theme or style in the room, the nautical theme is one that is also quite evergreen, for lack of a better word. Blue walls can give people relaxing in the room a calm, cool feeling. Blue is also a color that can be used beautifully with either modern or vintage-looking decor.


With ordinary brown furniture, a pale pink will give you the best results. Like beige, pink is a nice, warm color that can help people relax. The difference between pink and beige is that pink has more personality to it. Pink is considered the primary color for all things female, and is great in girl’s rooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. Fittingly, brown and pink in a room go together like chocolate and strawberry ice cream. They both can be used to create certain room themes such as bohemian.


Light gray walls also make wonderful contrast with brown furniture. Light great is a nice color to use if you do not want other aspects of the room, such as the furniture, to be overshadowed. A light gray wall can also allow other colors to be added to the room, like chairs and other furniture that is red, green, blue, or another color. While gray is a very versatile color, it is often associated with modern style rooms due to its sleek, subtle nature. Fortunately, you can buy modern wood furniture from online furniture stores that can blend right in with a light grey wall. Like with beige, a gray wall won’t look awkward when you turn on warm lights, and can also look great with cool, white lights.


For homeowners that are looking to remodel rooms with new brown furniture, you can paint the wall in one of many appealing colors to make for an entirely new room that looks beautiful and compliments the furniture nicely. Consider buying contemporary online furniture to help inspire more promising changes to your home.