Coffee tables are a staple in the living room, and so long as you have a sofa, you will crave the right coffee table to compliment it. Coffee tables come in styles which easily allows you to customize your living room, but many homeowners consider shape to be an X-factor.

Shape is crucial in order to provide an appealing, functional, and safe living environment in the living room. Before buying a coffee table, consider how much space you have in your room currently that isn’t occupied by other furniture and chairs. It’s also worth taking into account the space between seated furniture so that you can provide a great social environment when the coffee table comes into play.

When looking for coffee tables among designer modern furniture online, here are _ table shapes that you could buy:


Rectangular is the most popular shape for coffee tables. If you are to see one shape the most out of all of them when you look for coffee tables, it will certainly be the rectangle. You are sure to make the most use of its space due to its long shape meant to span from one area of the room to the other. These tables are great when facing a pair of armchairs. A rule of thumb to live by for choosing the right table length is to consider the length of your sofa and choose a table two thirds of that size.


Square coffee tables also have a great place in the living room atmosphere, as they are compatible with small spaces. The square shape is great for sofas, chairs, and other seated furniture surrounding the table so that it’s easy for people to engage in a large conversation sitting together while still using the table to place their coffee and other things. Square coffee tables are also great for multiple sofas laid out in a 90-degree angle facing the TV to watch a show or movie.


Coffee tables are also made to form perfect circles, which give a touch of elegance to the living room thanks to its curves. Round coffee tables, like square ones, are great for settings where a large group of people want to sit around it to have a good conversation. What also makes it ideal, however, is that with no corners, it’s easy for people to walk around this table without the possibility of walking into a corner or leg.


The long version of a round table, the oval is stretched out to have the function of a rectangular coffee table while still keeping it curvy. As rectangular and oval coffee tables are practical for settings where people are facing the same direction, those curves will come in handy for when people are looking to take a seat and get up and move.

How To Choose Your Coffee Table Shape

If you still don’t have an idea of what shape you want, consider your current living arrangements. What is your living room like? Do you and your family and friends face your TV or each other? How big is your living room space? All these things should help you understand which coffee table shapes make sense to you and which ones do not.


Coffee tables come in many styles, sizes, and shapes. Coffee tables come in many different shapes to work in select living rooms and furniture layouts. Apart from square, rectangular, circular and oval coffee tables, there are also more ornate and custom coffee table shapes to match a theme in the living room.