Setting up the dining room is a relatively easy task. But you must know the basics, so you don’t make a big mess. To help you with this, we have listed some of the basic things to be remembered when setting up a dining place. You can easily find these things in any online wholesale furniture shop at a reasonable price. Continue reading to know more.

Dining Room Furniture

The main furniture in the dining room includes the dining table, dining chairs, a hutch, and a buffet. While the first two things are essential, the latter is optional. This depends upon the size of your dining room. Extra storage will always be helpful, no matter which part of your house. Sideboards and buffets are great for storing additional plates and cutlery and keeping the leftover food on the buffet. This can be very helpful if you are hosting a large dinner party. So check out the best dining online wholesale furniture that can give you quality at the price that you are looking for.

Decor Ideas

You can make your dining room as luxurious as possible or keep it completely simple without complications. A few touches can transform your dining room into an elegant and cozy space for your meals and dinner parties. Some of the latest trends in dining room decor include hanging interesting art on the wall, displaying your expensive china in a hutch, placing a centerpiece or some fresh seasonal flowers on the dining room table, keeping extra utensils in the buffet cabinets, adding dining table runner or a beautiful tablecloth, and even putting twin table lamps on the buffet. You can choose anything from this, or other than this, but make sure that the decorations you choose express your personality. But you can always experiment and give a unique style to your dining area. Go for a theme that is consistent throughout your home.

Designing Tips

Ensure that you leave at least 2 feet of space between your dining chairs and the walls of your dining room. The same distance is also needed as the tablespace for each guest. This will ensure that everyone has enough space to eat comfortably. The dining chair arms should fit easily under the dining table when pushed in. This is important so your guests can rest their arms comfortably and your chairs can be stored properly when not in use.

The rugs you choose for your dining area should be large enough to rest under the chair’s feet when the chairs are occupied and pulled out. Allow at least 3 feet of distance between the edge of your dining table and the edge of your rug. Also, opt for a thin and easy-to-clean rug and stay away from thick or shag carpets as they can hide anything that falls from the table.

It is also essential that you pay attention to the proportions. See to it that your dining chairs are proportional to your dining table. The chandelier should be more than half the width of your dining table. The pieces of art that you choose for your dining room should not be larger than the dining table so that they are not a distraction from the main attraction.