Buying trendy furniture alone cannot make your home look presentable. You need to organize your home with great care after buying furniture from contemporary furniture stores online. There are some hacks which you can follow to set them in the right order. Don't push the furniture against the wall. Leave a few inches to make space look bigger. Arrange the furniture in such a way that it enables people to engage in intimate conversation. Rather than opting for a wide dresser, opt for a taller one with same storage space. If you are buying too many pieces, ensure that each occupies minimal space.

Spread out the furniture nicely to create a proper balance. Rugs look well-maintained if the furniture is placed on them. So, ensure that some furniture is placed over the carpet. Ensure that there is adequate space between chairs, couches and tables while arranging furniture. The furniture should be arranged in such a way that it doesn't block the windows.